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A universal sewing extension table to fit virtually any portable sewing machine
features simple adjustments, solid construction, and a super smooth sewing surface.

Welcome~ You have reached the home of the Original Sew AdjusTable extension tables.

If you are not familiar with our products, the information below will show you our unique line of portable sewing tables.  

Because our tables are adjustable you only need one table to fit any machines you have now or in the future. 

View detailed information for our 3 most popular table sizes:

  • Full Size 24"x24" tableClick Here    (use your back arrow to return to this page)
  • Space Saver 18"x24" table. Click Here  
  • Compact 16"x16" table. Click Here  

View diagrams to see how each size table will fit your machine.

If your model is not included in the list below it will still fit our tables. We don't know of a BROTHER machine that does not fit.  You may choose the size that best fits your work area and type of sewing you do.

Be sure to watch the demo videos on our homepage  and read answers to our Frequently Asked Questions here.

Happy Sewing!

Barbara Greer


contact me here.



Brother 1500
Brother 2500 Pacesetter
Brother 3030
Brother 6000i
Brother 8200
Brother 8500
Brother BC 1000
Brother BM 3600
Brother CE-5000PRW
Brother CS 100T
Brother CS 6000
Brother CS-6000T
Brother CS-80
Brother CS-8060
Brother CS-8072
Brother CS-8150
Brother DS 1005
Brother ES 2000
Brother ES-2000
Brother EX 660
Brother INB 30
Brother Innovis 4000D
Brother LB 6770
Brother LS 2125
Brother LX 3125
Brother NX-200
Brother NX-400Q
Brother NX-400Q
Brother NX-600
Brother Pacesetter 1500D
Brother Pacesetter PC6000
Brother Pacesetter PC-8500
Brother PC 420
Brother PE 150 (embroidery mach)
Brother PS 1000
Brother PS 1230
Brother PS 1250
Brother PS 3100
Brother PS 3700
Brother SE 2700
Brother SE 350
Brother SE-270D
Brother Ult 2001
Brother Ult 2003D
Brother XL 2600i
Brother XL 2610
Brother XL 3200
Brother XL 3500i
Brother XL 46
Brother XL 5130
Brother XL 5340
Brother XL 5500
Brother XL 5600
Brother XL 5700
Brother XL 6452
Brother XL 6562
Brother XL-2230
Brother XL-2600
Brother XL-2610
Brother XL-3500T
Brother XL-3510
Brother XR 65P
Brother XR 7700
Brother XR-65
Brother XR-65T

If your machine is similar in shape to any of the machines listed here it will fit our tables. If the outer case on your machine is curved or sloped you will get the best fit by removing the accessory case and placing the table around the freearm. The dimensions on the  size dimensions link will help you compare the different size tables to see which will best fit your machine(s) and work area. If your freearm is curved, there may be small gaps where the straight edge of the Sew AdjusTable® does not contact your machine. These small gaps usually don't matter and still allow you to enjoy the benefits of a large level surface around your machine. In the unlikely event you are unable to get an adequate fit to your machine, we will work with you to resolve the problem. We always offer our full money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied for any reason. See our Testimonials page to check for feedback on your machine.

- - - - - - - - Brother Customer Comments - - - - - - - -

I have enjoyed My extension table I received from you. I'm currently using the table on a Brother CS 8072 sewing machine. I bought it to help with my quilt top stitching. I've used it with one quilt so far and the table helps me handle the huge amount of material one has when stitching. This is one of my best buys.

I love the table !!! It's perfect. It will go from my Brother Pacesetter 1500D to my little Janome 405. It also fits my daughter's Kenmore, and the other daughter's Elna CE20. I love to extend the bed for quilting, as do my daughters...wish they'd get their own.

I'm using my new table with a Brother CS8060 and an older Kenmore machine. It fits both machines just fine, and I am enjoying it much!
Brother Pacesetter PC-6000

"I wanted to let you know the extension table fits all my machines, new and old. I have a 34 year old Touch and Sew, a 30 year old Futura with drop front that stays attached with hinges while allowing for a narrow sleeve; both by Singer. My new machine is a Brother NX200, with a front section that comes off completely to make a narrow top."

"I have 4 machines that your table fits: a Pfaff 2040, Bernina 1080 Special, Bernina 145S, also the Brother XR-65."

I am using the table on a Brother Pacesetter PC-8500 machine. By raising the back leg to the highest position and the front leg to the lowest level it works very well. Thanks

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